Wine Storage

Temperature Controlled:

We set our goal temperature to a cool and consistent 57 degrees. Come by for a tour and remember to bring a sweater.

Humidity Controlled:

We set our goal humidity to 60%. Not all wine storage facilities control humidity, but we do!

Wine Storage Unit Sizes:

Our smallest unit holds 24 cases and the largest can fit up to 350! We have sizes for the hobby collector and the ultimate wine enthusiast, and everyone in between!

We Accept Wine Club Shipments:

We understand having your wine club shipments delivered to your home can be a hassle, and having someone over the age of 21 available throughout the day can be impossible. As a service to our clients, we’ll accept your wine club shipments on your behalf. We store them in the secure and climate controlled Meathead Wine Locker until convenient for you to pick them up and place them in your own locker.

Secure Lockers:

We know your wine collection is your personal treasure, so absolutely no one can access it besides you, not even us! Cylinder locks provide extra protection and can be keyed alike to your mini storage unit, upon request.

Computerized Access:

You can come visit your collection seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Access is controlled by your own unique code.

30 cases or less
40 – 63 cases
98 – 70 cases
168 – 112 cases
315 – 196 cases