Meathead Movers

This unique enterprise, founded by two high-school brothers, has taken the simple philosophy of superior customer service and parlayed it into a thriving and growing company that has changed the way many people perceive the household moving and storage industry.


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You came to just the right place! The benefit of having Meathead Movers located on-site is twofold: having an active, bustling moving operation on-site is a major security factor, but it also means that help is near! Our professionally trained, student-athlete movers are available seven days a week to offer any help you need moving into or out of your unit. We can even help pack, unpack, or offer on-site rearranging.

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You’ve found the best storage in town, let us now help you move in! From on-site labor help, to a full serviced move (truck and VIP surprises included) we are here for you.

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Our Employees

Aaron and Evan continue to base their management style on a coaching philosophy of encouraging excellence in every member of the growing Meathead team. Each employee is required to maintain a positive attitude, recognize the shared objectives of all Meathead associates and be accountable for their own excellence. All applicants for Meathead Movers are interviewed multiple times, background checks are conducted, and references are thoroughly screened before they are officially hired. Upon being hired, each employee is paid to observe fellow workers on the job before they are allowed to perform any moving services. The company emphasizes politeness, with strict hygiene policies and requiring the athletic movers to jog back from the truck into the house to maximize time. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Meathead Movers allows young people to build their own work schedules around their athletic and academic commitments, affording many the ability to work their way through college. The company provides an on-site fitness facility, computer lab, and transportation assistance. Giving back to the community is one of the company’s founding principles. Meathead Movers regularly organizes benefit events for local charities; organizes supply drives for disaster victims; and partners with local law enforcement to move victims of domestic violence free of charge. In addition, all employees are taught to be intensely aware of each customer's needs and to maximize efficiency in an attempt to save the client time and money. When not carrying items, for example, it is policy for the Meatheads to jog. And since all moving companies charge by the hourly rates, Meathead has been known to save our customers time and money.


Packing Supplies Available

  • Cell Kit
  • Dishpack
  • Double Mattress Bag
  • King Mattress Bag
  • Meathead Hat
  • Meathead Hoodie
  • Meathead Long Sleeve
  • Meathead T-Shirt
  • Medium Box
  • Medium Large Box
  • Mirror Pack
  • Moving Pad
  • Newsprint
  • Paper Pad
  • Pink Bubble Wrap
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Queen Mattress Bag
  • Ram Board Floor Protection
  • Small Box
  • Tan Tape
  • Tape Gun
  • Twin Mattress Bag
  • Wardrobe Bar
  • Wardrobe Box
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